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MIAMI, FL—Singapore-based precision oncology startup Lucence, on the heels of its series A funding, is sharing early data highlighting the capabilities of its liquid biopsy technology to detect somatic variants in patients with blood cancers, with excellent matching between bone marrow and blood. Lucence’s amplicon-based sequencing technology, known as AmpliMARK™, can provide high sensitivity mutation detection in blood for multiple solid tumor types. This new study data demonstrates the performance of AmpliMARK™ in hematological malignancies, and suggests that it can provide high resolution, target-rich insights for clinicians and patients to better, and less invasively, manage these diseases.

Liquid biopsy aims to use blood as a platform for cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. In the case of hematological malignancies like leukemia, current bone marrow-based tests for detecting and monitoring disease progression offer limited sensitivity and are highly invasive.  Lucence’s findings suggest that a blood-based liquid biopsy test could be a compelling, highly sensitive clinical alternative to these tests.

Lucence’s poster highlighting their recent study results, Ultrasensitive Detection of Diverse Genomic Alterations in Hematological Malignancies using a Targeted Amplicon-based Sequencing Approach, will be presented Tuesday, January 14th at 4:15 pm Eastern Time at the American Association for Cancer Research Advances in Liquid Biopsies meeting in Miami. Based on a study of 65 patients with hematological malignancies, including acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and multiple myeloma, the poster reports high sensitivity of AmpliMARK™ in detecting genomic alterations in blood and bone marrow samples. The study results show that AmpliMARK™ detects mutations at a sensitivity down to 0.1% variant allelic frequencies (VAF) and fusion genes like BCR-ABL1 down to 1% VAF. The results also show excellent concordance between bone marrow and blood, suggesting blood could be a viable medium of detection when marrow is challenging to obtain.

AmpliMARK™ uses a unique molecular bar-code and error correction technology that improves test sensitivity across multiple mutation types for single nucleotide variants and fusion genes. AmpliMARK™ is the foundational breakthrough technology in Lucence’s offering of blood-based tests for both profiling hematological and solid tumors.