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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coinciding with ASCO20, precision oncology company Lucence will be presenting data this week demonstrating high sensitivity of its liquid biopsy technology in detecting clinically relevant biomarkers in lung cancer, alongside promising data in breast and blood cancers. The data, presented as part of ASCO’s Virtual Scientific Program, show the Company’s AmpliMARK technology detection capability for recommended biomarkers with 97.4% concordance between two orthogonal liquid biopsy platforms in lung cancer. The Company is planning to make its LiquidHALLMARK test, powered by AmpliMARK, commercially available in the United States later this year for biomarker detection in lung cancer patients.

Clinical utility of a liquid biopsy diagnostic approach in lung cancer using amplicon-based next-generation sequencing in parallel with allele-specific PCR presents data from a multinational study examining real-world diagnostic outcomes of Lucence’s liquid biopsy technology in 374 lung cancer patients. Patients who were tested with an innovative combination of two blood-based liquid biopsy platforms achieved a one-day result for a key treatment decision, together with a subsequent comprehensive analysis of recommended markers, with a 97.4% concordance between the two platforms. This study highlights that ultrasensitive blood-based liquid biopsy is a key platform to support lung cancer diagnosis and appropriate treatment selection.

Ultrasensitive multiplex detection of structural rearrangements in ALK, RET, ROS1 and PD-L1 using a comprehensive next-generation sequencing assay, #302, will be presented on Friday, May 29th from 8:00-11:00 am Eastern Time in a virtual session. This poster reports AmpliMARK’s high sensitivity in detecting cancer-related structural variants in cfDNA samples from lung cancer patients, cfDNA samples from lymphoma patients, and tumor tissue DNA samples from natural killer(NK)/T-cell lymphoma patients. A second poster, Detection of actionable gene mutations in breast cancer by amplicon-based next-generation sequencing liquid biopsy, #120, reports AmpliMARK’s high sensitivity in detecting key PIK3CAESR1 and other driver gene mutations non-invasively in plasma cfDNA of breast cancer patients in a multinational study.

These new studies suggest that the LiquidHALLMARK liquid biopsy test, powered by amplicon-based sequencing technology AmpliMARK, has the potential to shift the paradigm in precision oncology. LiquidHALLMARK offers highly sensitive, target-rich insights into established biomarkers spanning 80 gene mutations and 10 gene fusions in 15 cancer types (available in the United States starting Q3 2020 for investigational use only). The data showcase AmpliMARK’s excellent performance in rapidly detecting multiple somatic variants, highlighting the technology’s potential to deliver fast insights for clinicians to develop the most effective treatment plans for patients.

To adapt to the virtual format of ASCO20, Lucence has created an online hub at lucence.com/asco2020. Attendees can book a meeting with the Lucence team, see a complete list of posters and abstracts, and register for a webinar on COVID-19 and lung cancer presented by the Singapore Society of Oncology, taking place on June 4th, 2020 at 5 PM Pacific Time/8 PM Eastern Time and June 5th at 8 AM GMT+8.

About Lucence

Lucence is a precision oncology company that makes state-of-the-art, highly sensitive liquid biopsy tests for disease detection and treatment selection. Lucence’s flagship test, LiquidHALLMARKTM is swift, simple, and sensitive. Powered by AmpliMARKTM, the Company’s proprietary amplicon-based sequencing technology, LiquidHALLMARKTM covers a wide range of clinically relevant biomarkers, including mutations in 80 genes, fusions in 10 genes, and somatic variants in 15 cancer types. Lucence is headquartered in Palo Alto and Singapore, and its services are delivered worldwide through an accredited central laboratory. Visit www.lucence.com for more information.